January 2, 2009

Why I hate TV these days

Why I hate TV these days

When over 30% of the hour is commercials, and 25% of the screen is ads - it's time to switch to Hulu.com, DVD sets, Bit Torrent, or something else.

(BTW, all copyrights to whoever owns them, the background image is by Alex Ross. cws.tv is not a real site - it is Chad W Smith as a TV network. And, of course, "The League" and "Gotham Streets" aren't real TV shows - but I'd watch them if they were.)

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Anonymous said...

I just watched "Smile, You're Under Arrest" on Hulu. The show probably won't win any awards, but I loved it for these reasons:
1) I don't need cable because I can watch shows on Hulu
2) There are a few commercials on Hulu, but I've never seen one that's objectionable or tacky
3) The looks on the criminals faces were priceless!
4) The more drunk drivers they put behind bars in Maricopa County, the safer my family and friends will be.