January 12, 2009

My netbook plans - 4 OSes, touchscreen, BT, WiFi-N, and less than $500

Check out the Mac OS X Netbook Compatibility Chart for the best options for installing OSx86 aka Hackintosh on a non-Apple netbook, (of course, there is no non-non-Apple netbook... let's see 3 negatives... the last two cancel out... yeah, that's right). According to the chart, the two netbooks that are most compatible are the MSI Wind U100 and the Dell Mini 9. Since the MSI Wind has more storage, costs less, and doesn't have a compatibility exception (the Dell Mini 9 doesn't sleep in some models), and since MSI has officially released drivers for the WiFi under OS X - I suggest the MSI Wind.

In fact, that's what I plan on ordering as soon as I get my next check. My plan is to get the 160 GB model with the 6-cell battery, do a triple boot of OS X, Windows XP Pro, and Linux. Then on top of OS X, install SheepShaver to run Mac OS 9. Four powerful operating systems on a system that costs less than $400 and weighs less than 2.7 pounds - that ain't bad.

I also plan on, eventually, adding a touchscreen kit - (which comes with drivers for all the operating systems - except OS 9, I imagine) - so make that a ultraportable tablet with four operating systems for under $500.

Oh, and did I mention it comes with Bluetooth, WiFi N, a built-in webcam, and card reader... Not too shabby.

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James said...

I'm sure when you get this, you will do video for those of us who do not have it, right?

Chad said...

Well, I've already got the MSI Wind - and I recorded an unboxing video - but it didn't turn out very good at all. I might re-edit it voice over style.

But, yes, once I get it to the triple-boot stage, you better believe that I'm going to make a video showing it off!