December 15, 2008

Gas Shopping Revisited

A few months ago, I wrote about the irony of people trying to save a few pennies per gallon when gas prices were in the $4 range.  In that post, I linked to a chart I made showing why it was more cost-effective to drive to that more distant and less expensive gas station when prices overall were lower.  Well, we're there now, with the average price of gas closer to $1.50 than $4.00.

So, shop around for gas.  You'll save money now.  Although you're probably so ecstatic that it doesn't cost you as much to fill your tank as it does to pay your rent that you don't care about the extra 10¢ a gallon you could save by going out of your way.  Just thought I'd remind you now that the world has decided to confuse the heck out of everyone by giving us what we wanted.

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