October 26, 2006

IE 7 v FF 2

Well, in the last two weeks, both Microsoft and Mozilla released the latest versions of their browsers - Internet Explorer and Firefox.

One of the major improvements that Microsoft included was an answer to the Firefox Extension; Internet Explorer 7 add-on. In Firefox, there are literally thousands of extensions, ranging from ad blockers, to search engine toolbars, to user-interface tweaks, to up-to-the-second weather, to HTML editors, to social bookmarkers, to ways to control other programs, like a media player, from your browser, and more.

After reading several articles, and testing both browsers myself, I'd say that the improvements that Microsoft has made are good, but they haven't caught up with Firefox. Firefox 1.5 was better than Internet Explorer 7 is now, and Firefox 2.0 is even better than that. Firefox 2.0 is a bit unstable on the Mac OS X platform. But on Windows, Firefox completely blows away Internet Explorer. First of all, the security is far better on Mozilla's browser. Secondly, the sheer volume and quality of the addons is far better than those of Internet Explorer.

One of the extensions that is on both browsers, it's called Trailfire. Trailfire is a hosted service that enables anyone to comment on any web page. Place a 'trail mark' on a page with your comments or notes. A trail mark can contain text, images, videos and other media types. When you give several marks the same 'trail name' you form your own navigation path on the web. They call this a 'Trail'. You can follow your trail to find pages you've looked at in the past, or follow other people's trails to find new content online. (And, of course, other people can follow your trails.) These trails aren't made unless you purposefully make them, so privacy isn't an issue. Think of it as social bookmarking a set of pages instead of just one. It's pretty cool.

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