July 2, 2006

My late attempt at Imagining Apple's next move

I've linked a couple of times to a contest that Apple-Discounts.com was running for people to "design" via image editing their ideas / hopes / dreams for the next generation of Mac products.

I had an idea of what I wanted to submit - but I never got around to GIMPShopping it - until now. I give you - the iDS.

Obviously, it's just a Nintendo DS lite with some iPod / MacBook pictures pasted on top - but the idea is for Apple to get in the video game, er um, game with a portable handheld system that can double as a cell-phone, PDA, UMPC, iPod, Digital Camera, portable hard drive, digital media player, GPS, portable TV, etc.. It would be pretty neat. Oh, in case you missed it - *both* screens are touch screens. The bottom one can display a QWERTY thumb-keyboard, while you can use the stylus on the top like a mouse.

Oh, did I mention it can play games? :D

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