July 2, 2006

Please Ask Google First

I'm kinda the go-to-guy when it comes to computers in my circle of friends. People ask me to get their comptuers to run faster, where to find the best software, and how to get the weather to show up in their browser. I don't mind helping people with their computers. But it would be nice if the people who asked the question would first try looking it up themselves. I'm not saying don't ask me for help, I'm just saying please search first.

The best place to getyoursearchon, IMHO, is Google. They have more sites indexed, the interface is clean and free of distraction, and they work by the motto "Don't be evil". What more could you ask for? I'm not a big fan of portal style sites like Yahoo. I know that search.yahoo.com (and search.msn.com) are pretty much like google.com - but google.com is a lot shorter to type. Plus, it's built into my browsers (Firefox and Safari).

So, for all my readers, please do your "computer guy/gal" friend a big favor - and ask Google before you ask your friend.

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