March 8, 2006

This blog needs an enema

Well, to all my loyal reader (no, that's not a typo), I just want to let you know I have a domain name. I am now - ( was taken - but it's cool. Me and Corntassel go way back.)

Now I need a logo. Here are some choice choices.

Chadtendo - Home of Super Chadio Bros.

May the farce be with you...

Have you driven a Chad lately?


I'm a magul, I know.

Anyone starts to correct me.... (That's FORD not Ferrari! - that's not how you spell magul! - You stole that from Spaceballs!) ...I get the hose - and nobody wants that....

So, loyal reader (seriously, who are you and why are you reading this?) feel free to leave you comment on which logo sucks the least. If someone leaves a comment, I might just let you know how I did this...

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Anonymous said...

Go with Chad-Whoooo?

Anonymous said...

Chad the Moghul.
Did you get the TV situation fixed up? Still don't use ours for much of anything but watching DVD movies ... The "Charge of the Rohirrim" in "The Return of the King" makes the cheap-a** surround sound and the whole "Lord of the Ring" movie cycle worthwhile!
-Greg from OO.o social.
I'm reader #2 ... "I try harder." :-P

Chad said...

I'll answer in the blog itself