March 8, 2006

More stuff sucks - I think that's going to be my theme

My TV broke.

I knew it would. It's like 10 years old or more. Before I got a Universal Remote for it - the only way to turn it on was by sticking a pencil in the hole where the power button used to be. It was only 19 inches. (lol - that's what *she* said). So I did the sensible thing. I threw it away.

You see - my exroommate had a nice 27 inch TV with a bunch of plug-ins and stuff. But when I moved out (long story - I prolly won't share it since no one is reading this anyway) he kept it. (The JERK! keeping his own TV!) So I hadn't needed a TV for a number of... Well, never.

Anyway, since I moved last month, I've been using this POS 19 inch TV - where the reds would bleed all over the screen, and it was mono and blah blah blah. But it died.

I've been shopping for a TV since last month, and had a pretty good idea what I wanted - but when the TV dies, and it's 2 hours til LOST - you freak out. I drove to at least 10 stores in less than 2 hours, including 2 WalMarts. I ended up buying a 27 inch flat screen (CRT) from Sanyo, with composite in and picture in picture and all that jazz. The thing weighs a ton. Well, actually 90 some pounds. I live on the second floor. I live alone. Oh - and it wouldn't fit in my car - so I strapped in the trunk, nobody from Wally world helped me load my car - the guys were too busy macking on the female coworkers (do people still say "Macking"?) - anyway, long story shorter - after I knocked my neighbor's door in with the TV, and I got it plugged in - it doesn't work.

No my cable's not out (I'm blogging on it.) No, the plug isn't messed up, (other things work fine in it.) I just lugged a 90 pound TV upstairs for nothing. Now I have to take it back. I will never feel bad about abusing Walmart's return policy ever again.

Anyway - I'll be BitTorrenting LOST later.

Anyone want to give me a TV?

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