March 8, 2006

Too many gadgets...

I'm a technophile - I love tech. I like gadgets, computers, operating systems, open source software, hacking, web design, graphic art, video games, you name it - if it needs a wifi connection, wireless controllers, or propritary discs - I like it.

Except Cell phones. I don't like cell phones. That's too connected for me. Heck, I don't even own a cell phone. I have voice mail on my home phone (that I can check from anywhere), email, a work phone, and a mailing address. You can get in touch with me if you want to. You don't have to do it just this second. I'm not a doctor, a father, a husband, a fireman, a police officer, a solider, or in need of or about to donate for a transplant - so anything you got to say to me can keep a few hours until I get home or to a computer.

Anyway - that's another rant.

Today I want to rant about how many gadgets there are out there today. iPods, Cell phones, PDAs, PSPs, DSs, GBAs, Treos, Sidekicks, Palms, Blackberries, handheld computers, and now there's this "movement" or something, spearheaded by Microsoft and Intel (the world's most favorite corporations *rolls eyes*) called the ultra mobile personal computer - or, (as cannot be avoided), the abbreviation - UMPC.

What the heck is this stupid thing?

It's like a tablet laptop that's too big to be a PDA and too small to be a laptop. It can't be as powerful as a laptop or as cheap as a PDA. What is the point of this?

Well, obviously, to make Bill Gates a bit more money.

Haven't we tried this already?

According to a brillant employee of Microsoft, this new UMPC (or the Origami, as Microsoft is calling it), is nothing. Well, I mean, it's not anything. Read for yourself...

It’s not an iPod killer.
It’s not a portable Xbox.
It’s not an OQO killer.
It’s not a PSP killer.
Update: it’s not a Nokia N90 killer either (thanks to Marc Canter for asking about that).
Update 2: it’s not a Treo 700w killer either (thanks to Dave for pointing that out).
Update 3: hey, PalmAddicts, it’s not a Palm killer either.
So - it doesn't play mp3s, it doesn't play video games, it isn't a handheld computer, it doesn't play video games or movies, it isn't a cell phone, it isn't a PDA cell phone, and it isn't a PDA.

So, um, what's the point in buying this thing? There isn't one - obviously.

Save your money. Buy a GP2X instead!

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