March 13, 2006

The further adventures of Chad W. Smith

One of my 2 readers asked the questions about whatever happened with my TV. (I know the other reader in real life so he knows already. But for those of you - or that of you, since it's only one person - who don't know - I'll recount the story. Keep in mind - stuff sucks. That's the theme of this blog - this post is no different.

Okay -- so in case you're just going us - our hero had an old TV die on him - the only TV he owned (other than a 9 inch black and white portable one that's buried in a box somewhere, and may or may not work). The TV was quickly replaced by a $200 heavy-as-pluto 27" inch CRT SDTV that was purchased at Walmart. This new TV did not work at all. Our hero then determined to return the TV.

That was Wednesday.

Thursday I (notice how I used a one sentence paragraph to separate where I was talking about myself in third person to where I am now talking about myself in first person - pretty tricky, huh).... Thursday I told my friend Jack, who owns his own computer shop, my heart-breaking ordeal. He told me he had an old 27 inch TV he didn't need anymore that he would sell me for $50. I took him up on the deal. The new (to me - ten years old to the world) TV weighed much less - didn't have any of the cool hook ups the other had - was not TruFlat and has some barely noticable lines that run up it. But that is okay - I have a converter for my Xbox/ PS2/ DVD player, and I barely notice the barely noticable lines.

I took the old new TV back to Walmart (the heavy one that never worked). I got my money back....

Remember the theme of the blog - here's where the twist comes in.

After lugging my new old TV upstairs, and my old new TV downstairs - I was tired and hungry, and it was getting late. Oh - and it started to rain.... (That's what we call foreshaddowing.) So I went to Little Caeser's for their "Hot 'N' Ready" $5 pizza deal. $5 for any one-topping large pizza, carry-out only. I got 2 pizzas (to eat over the next 2 days) some crazy bread and crazy sauce. (No matter how many times I eat those - I don't get any more or any less crazy. So I'm not sure if it's to cure crazy - like cough syrup is meant to cure coughs - or to make you crazy - like mad cow disease cow will make you mad.) I recently heard a comedian explain that he doesn't own a jacket, because all he is ever outside in the cold or the wet is when he is walking to or from his car. That made sense to me, and since I was only going to get some pizza, and it wasn't raining that bad - I figured why bother with a jacket (can you feel the dramtic tension yet?)

I recently moved, and although I'm not far from my old apartment - like maybe 7 minutes away - this side of town is still a bit new to me. Or at least, I'm not nearly as familiar with it as my old area. The Little Caesar's was not the one I used to go to - and it was my first time since the move that I've gone to this location. As I was about the leave, I noticed there was a Blockbuster in the same parking lot. I thought about stopping in and updating my address and stuff, and just seeing how their selection compared to my old Blockbuster. I decided against it, I already had the pizzas in the car - and I didn't want them to go cold.... Oh how I wish I had gone to Blockbuster.

The parking lot has an exit with a traffic light. I figured it best to go out there - especially since that exit was the closest to me. The area of town where this all took place is known for its strict enforcement of traffic laws. I made sure my lights were on, my seat belt in place, and I didn't cross that line until the light was good and green.....

You know - I have several other websites that I maintain. Let me take a minute to list them here.... - my most popular site that I own. It's got a 5/10 Pagerank on Google. It's about GIMPShop, a free open source cross platform image editor - and other open source computer programs. [No longer my site] - my latest attempt to promote open source. This one is exclusively about - and it's sister project NeoOffice. [No longer my site] - my friend Jack's website that I built for him. He's the one that sold me the TV. He builds, sells, and repairs computers and computer parts. [No longer his site.]
 - the site I build for work. It' s a Christian website that covers current events in light of Bible prophecy.

Feel free to visit all my sites - and be sure to click on any and all ads that you see. I can use all the money I can get. And you're about to see another reason why....

After the light was good and green, I slowly began to turn left out of the parking lot. Let me be clear. The light was green. I had an arrow. But it was dark, and raining. I had the right of way - and I was obeying the law. Out of nowhere, this old lady comes flying down the road going at least 50 MPH in a 30 MPH zone - doesn't even slow down for the completely red light. Bashes right into the back left part of my car - where the gas cap is.

(I'm getting tired of typing, so I'll quickly end the story.)

After sitting in my car, in the rain, for an hour - the tow truck guy charges me $75 to flip a switch in my trunk which resets the emergency gas cutoff valve. I'm drinched in rain, since I didnt' bring a jacket, and I was outside my car talking to the old lady, the police officier, and the tow truck guy - and I didn't get the old lady's insurance information because she was freaking out, possibly mental, on oxygen, and she had just come from visiting her dying husband in the hospital. And I figured that would be in the police report. Which it is not.

Old ladies who drive in the dark in the rain and run red lights and broadside people and don't give them their insurance information suck.

Walmart employees who would rather flirt with other Walmart employees than answer calls for assistance with customer carry out suck.

Heavy rain with no jacket on sucks.

Getting hit sucks.

People who sell busted TVs suck.

Sylvana sucks.

TVs that weigh over 90 pounds suck.

But my new old TV is okay - for $50, I can't say it sucks.

And, I'd have to say, this blog still sucks. But not as much as it did a month ago.

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James said...

Maybe it's not the blog, but the blogger? If nothing ever happened life would be a bore.