June 5, 2012

Quick Note - Geek Annoyance #4N6RY31RD5

So I love Angry Birds.  Who doesn't, amirite?  But here's the thing.  I love it so much I at least grab the ad-supported / free version on any device I own that can play the stupid thing, phones, iPods, tablets, laptops, even browsers....  So what's the problem? Basically - NO SYNCING.

I could come to a super hard level, spend like an hour bashing my head against the wall trying to beat it, and then finally I do.  YAY!  The heavens open and Diet Coke flows like wine.... Until I fire it up on another device, and that level is still locked!

I know I could just only play it on one device.  But I don't always have the same devices with me.  I just really wish there was some way for all my various copies of Angry Birds to be synced up - one set of high scores, one set of unlocked level, one set of easter eggs, no matter where or on what device I'm playing.

Same goes for Plants vs Zombies, Peggle, or any other super-cross-platform minigame.


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