June 11, 2012

Nice Work, Apple

Less than 72 hours.  Not too shabby, I must say!

Not 3 full days ago, I posted a laundry-list of complaints about the sad state-of-affairs the MacBook Pro line found itself in.  Outdated BlueTooth, outdated USB, low-res screens compared to their tablets and phones....  And lo-and-behold - WWDC - NEW MACBOOKS!  Well, new MacBook Pros and MacBook Airs.

Bluetooth goes from 2.1 to 4.0.  USB goes from 2.0 to 3.0.  Retina displays on MacBook Pros is an option.  And on those MBP+RDs HDMI is added.

I also complained that only having USB ports on one side is limiting.  Those MBP+RDs have ports on both sides.

Not all the news was great, though.  They dropped the 17" MBP - and while I never had one myself, I know people who prefer the bigger displays.  Eliminating choice is a bad thing, in my opinion.  (Which is why I also ranted about them bringing BACK the MacBook.)

It's also confusing now.  First, there's no MacBook.  How can you have a "professional" version of something if there is no non-professional version of it.  It's like Diet Water.  Sure Diet Water has no calories - but neither does non-Diet Water.  It's stupid on it's face.  The MacBook Pro is "Pro" compared to what exactly?

Secondly, there's now 3 tiers, but they don't name them very well.  There are the MacBook Air, the MacBook Pro, and the MacBook Pro with Retina Display.  Now, as mentioned above, the MacBook Pro with Retina Display isn't just a ...  well ...  it's not just a MacBook Pro that happens to have a Retina Display.  It's a whole new form factor.  The case is different, the weight is different, the ports are different, and... oh yeah - the display is different.  The MBP+RD has no optical drive at all, but it does have ports an both sides including the HDMI port.

Things would be much less confusing if they just renamed things. I would suggest MacBook Air keep its name.  The MacBook Pros become "MacBooks" since there is no non-pro to compare it to.  And the MacBook Pro with Retina Displays to become the new MacBook Pros.  Really, they should be MacBook Air Pros - since they are more like the MBA than the MBP.

Regardless - Apple showed that they do support HDMI - to some extent. - and that they are willing to upgrade more than just their processors.  You go, Apple!

Now, Seriously, for the love of JOBS - UPGRADE iWORK!

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