April 1, 2009

I sick of Mac - Give me Vista.

I've had it. Mac has screwed me for the last time. I can't get it to stop crashing. And the constant stream of software updates! OMG. This is the most unstable piece of crap software I've ever been forced to deal with.

Look - last week my computer just freaking stopped. It just STOPPED. And I couldn't get it back again. People complain about the Windows "Blue Screen of Death" - well Apple has one too, apparently. My computer locked up - Force Quit wouldn't even show up, so I had to do a "hard stop" by holding the power button down until the screen went black. Then I restarted. Stupid gray screen - stupid darker gray apple - stupider spinning gear thing - then the blue screen.... waiting, waiting - oh, there's a cursor on the screen. waiting... The trackpad moves the cursor... waiting.... nothing happening here. just the dumb solid blue screen with the cursor.

Hard restart - Blue screen. Reset PRAM - blue screen. Unplug everything - yank the battery out - hold the power button down for 30 seconds - put the battery back in - power up - blue screen. Reset the PRAM again - blue screen. Dig out the install disc for Mac OS X - boot from the DVD (which takes forever) - English, stupid, I want to run this in English, (that should be the default for all American Macs, don'cha think? Which a small drop down menu for other languages just in case - don't make me pick English out of a list every time I restart this disc!). Disc utility, repair permissions (wtfever that means).... tons of issues show up in the 15 minutes that takes - repair disc - 2 minsicule issues show up that apparently killed my hard drive. Actually I think it was only one issue - there was one directory less than the computer expected - and one file more than it expected - so I'm guessing one of those got mislabeled.

Select the start-up disc - restart.


Blue screen - yup.

2 days - 4 calls to Applecare - 2 "archive and installs" later - I can finally log in. But *NONE* of my programs work. - And I can't even run a Time Machine back-up to save my files before I do a complete wipe and install.

Mac OS X --- listen carefully --- COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY SUCKS @^&%*@&

So - my MacBook is now for sale. I'll be buying a much cheaper - much more stable - Vista powered laptop ASAP.

Make me an offer. I'm DONE with Mac. I'll even throw in my crippled locked-down iPod Touch. I'm buying a Zune.

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