March 4, 2009

If only I had 80 hours of solid free time....

The source of all magic, indeed - the source of all life, was given to the watch care of mortals. Quickly, pride, greed, and the lust for power has ensnared the the world in war. As the various factions, clans, and races grasp at the power only immortals should have - the source of life becomes increasingly unstable, and becomes a source of deformity, destruction, and death.

Will you help restore order, peace, and life to Arcania? Or will you take advantage of the chaos for your own profit? Will you grasp for control of the power yourself? Or will you return the power to the immortals? The choice is up to you.

It's a game called Sacred 2: Fallen Angel. And it looks awesome! I haven't played the original game, Sacred - but from the screenshots I've seen and the stories I've read - this game should be incredible. It's coming out for the Xbox 360 and the PS3. (I think it's already out for Windows PCs.) Check out the characters below. Aren't they incredible looking?

If you are interested - there is an ongoing topic on IGN about the game. “Whats your favorite Sacred 2 screenshot or vid so far?”

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