February 20, 2009

R U Ready 2 Rumble???

When I first started playing the Wii, one of my favorite games was the boxing mini-game on Wii Sports. (In fact, I knocked the guy out on my first round the first time I ever played Wii Sports.)

Well the fine folks over at Atari Games have taken the idea of Wii Boxing and expanded it to a full sized game. And, from the looks of it, it's going to be fun. It's called "Ready 2 Rumble Revolution".

It's not some stuffy photo-realistic remake of actual boxers with hyper-accurate physics where you need to be an actual boxer or physicist to play it well - it's a game for crying out loud.

I'm not saying the game doesn't have good graphics or physics - in fact, the game looks great. It's just more of a caricurture of personalities than motion-caps of real fighters. Games are supposed to be fun. There are times you want to have a driving simulator like Grand Turismo - then there are times you want to play a game, and for that there's Mario Kart or Burnout. This isn't a boxing simulator. It's a game, and from what I can see, a fun - and funny - one to play.

Let's just roll the clip.

It comes out in March, and I will likely be getting it (although I might get a review copy before it comes out - if so, I'll give you my opinion after actually playing the game for a while. If you are already sold, Walmart, GameStop, and Amazon all have it ready for pre-order, and you get $10 off! Walmart is offering a $10 eGift Card, and GameStop and Amazon both have exclusive T-Shirts that come with your pre-order.

Just thought I'd share.

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