February 19, 2009

"Netbook" naming nonesense news

Well, it seems that Dell has joined the fight against Psion, claiming that their supposed claim to the word "netbook" is not just nonsense, but actually fraud! Way to go Dell. I think it may be too early to say that the legal battles are over, (I still want my Cease & Desist order!), but having a deep pocketed tech giant like Dell stepping up to the plate, the fat lady might be warming up for her song.

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Save the Netbooks said...

We're going to hang around to monitor the situation but as far as we're concerned the fat lady already sang.

Dell only needs to succeed with one of their arguments and anyone who feels like they're being damaged can petition for cancellation too. By the time a decision needs to be made there will be 25,000,000 netbooks in the wild and another 100,000 a day being added... who's going to pay to 're-educate' all of them?

As amusing as the amateur lawyering is, it seems they're screwed from multiple angles.