December 1, 2007

I'm the Blog of the Day!

I am the PayPerPost Blog of the Day! Rock On! I've been a part of the PPP family for about 18 months now, and *sniff* they like me! They REALLY like me!!

Thanks to all the good folks at Izea for paying me to blog about the things I love. You all rock. Maybe I'll link back to you someday, or something. Nah, probably not. ;^)

Seriously, though, this is a huge honor, considering they just got to over 100,000 bloggers! They could have picked any one of those 100K blogs to link to, and they chose me.

I hope this raises my RealRank. Ted, Pete, Trevor, Ashely, Joe... Oh crap, I should not have started naming names - Everyone at Izea - (especially the one who randomly chose my blog), THANK YOU!

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