November 17, 2007

The Cloud is your computer

In some of the tech journals I read, the Internet is referred to as "the Cloud". Just think about it for a minute and it will start to make sense. Well, the trend is that your computer is becoming incresingly more and more dependent on the Cloud. Or, the Cloud is becoming your computer. Look at the success of those gPC's that Walmart is selling. They run a Linux distro called gOS, which makes online apps like Facebook, Gmail, Blogger, YouTube, etc. look like standard desktop applications. Think about your personal use of the computer - how much time do you spend using it offline? If the Internet goes down, how useful (or useless) is your computer?

And that's just for surfing the web at home. If the Internet, or at least the network, goes down at the office - it's pretty much a snow day, isn't it? Except you can't "go outside and play" because the stinking Internet is down!

One area that your business can use the Cloud to expand into is Online Storage. Why buy servers or hard drives or tape arrays that you have to build, maintain, service, troubleshoot, and support? And you have to store, cool, power, and cool some more. Why go through all that whe iBackup can do all the heavy lifting for you? You can just set up an account and their servers will look like mapped network drives, or even folders on your employees' computers. Simple drag and drop interface, just like any other folder, and the speeds are faster than you would expect. Plus they offer compression, so you can store more GBs than you pay for. It's much better return on your storage investment. And it is a whole lot easier to buy more storage from iBackup than it would be to add another server to your network room.

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