August 22, 2007

Apple is becoming the de facto standard Laptop Supplier's the future that truly represents the change. A total of 28% of respondents who plan to purchase a laptop in the next 90 days say they'll get a Mac. An additional 23% say they'll buy a desktop Mac. "This serves as powerful evidence that the 'halo effect' is indeed translating into real world Mac computer sales

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bernicky said...

I just bought a macbook for my wife - the price of hardware (when you compare identical hardware) is close the the same as it is for a Win based laptop and I don't have to deal with Vista. Woohoo. It would be nice if they had desktops (ones without integrated monitors so I can use my own) at a decent non Xeon processor price. Right now I am using DreamLinux with xfce as my primary desktop.

Chad said...

The Mac Mini doesn't have a built-in monitor, and it's not too expensive ($599 to start). Their best deals are with Laptops, though. Of course, I only use my laptop. I don't have any need for a desktop.

It would be nice if they came out with a "Mac" - not iMac, not Mac Pro, not Mac Mini. Something with a mid-sized tower, but not $2000 + to start. It would also be nice if they dropped the Mac Mini price, too.At $600 for a keyboardless, monitorless, mouseless box made with laptop parts - it's hard to explain why you wouldn't drop the extra $500 for a laptop with better specs - (MacBook).