April 10, 2007

Translating the Bible into English

I've been collecting and studying up on various translations of the Holy Bible. That is to say translations from the original Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic into English. My favorite translation has always been, and will continue to be from what I've seen, the King James "Authorized" Version. It was first completed in 1611, but there have been several updates since then, (and I'm not referring to the New King James Version or the Update King James Version, or any other variation), if you go to a store and pick up a King James Bible, it's probably one of the revisions from the 1700s, primarily the 1769 version.

Over the next several days, (unless I get it all out in a day!) I'm going to be sharing some of my thoughts on specific translations, as well as the general trends of these translations, versions, and paraphrases. You should know that there are well over 300 different versions of the Bible in English, so I will by no means reviewing them all. And I'm probably going to stick mostly with the ones still on store shelves today, but I will bring a few others out as examples as well, since I am going with the information I have available to me, which includes several out-of-print versions. I'll also mention a few that are primarily if not solely available online.

It needs to be noted that I am a Christian, and that I believe that the Bible is true, and is, in fact, God's Holy Word. I'm not coming at this without any kind of bias or opinion. I believe that the Bible was inspired by God, and in its original manuscript, it was infallible, inerrant, and 100% acruate, so my judgments of the translations will be based on those assumptions.

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