April 11, 2007

I wanna new car

A few months ago, you may remember, I was in need of a new vehicle. As my old Crown Vic had given up the ghost on me, I was driving a rented Mazda 3 from Enterprise Rent-a-Car. Well, on my search for some Used Cars For Sale, I came across the MiniVan of my dreams... er, um, nightmares (Chad hates MiniVans)... My current 1987 Dodge Caravan SE. I'm grateful for it. It gets me around. It's paid for. Insurance is next to nothing. But when my ship comes in, I'll be looking for another vehicle. Maybe I'll check out this website:

Used Cars For Sale

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Anonymous said...

saw a comment on freecycle asking for old computers. i have an HP333 that still works that i dont use. i also have a compaq2.3 that i use now that is running slow. do you work on any computers or tune them up. it currently takes about 5 minutes to reboot and is driving me crazy. can we work out a trade to work? E-mail me.