April 3, 2007

$1000? Yes please!

I get paid for writing some of the stuff I write on this blog. Not every post, and not even every day, but there are a number of posts that I put up and receive payment for doing so. It's not a bad gig, this blog advertising thing. Visit a website, write my own review of it in 50 - 300 words, and get some cash. Usually from $5 - $35 dollars, depending on what they want to pay me. It's very nice, and I've earned close to two grand that way. But that could change at any moment, since the announcement of 1K Tuesdays!

PayPerPost will be offering a $1000 opportunity at some point every Tuesday for the next month. It's not an April Fool's joke (as it was actually announced on April 2), it is the for realz. One thousand dollars for doing what I do on an almost daily basis anyway. It makes those extra special $45 opps look kinda small, (although, I'd be happy to get a lot more of those!). Wish me luck in trying to snag one of these "Great White Whale" opportunties. I'll be sure to let you know if I get one.

Thanks PayPerPost! I love getting paid to blog about the things I love!

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