March 31, 2007

Powered USB - why it's needed, and why its not working yet

Imagine plugging in your multi-function printer, your iPod, your external hard drive, your external BluRay burner, and your high-powered speakers into your laptop ... and nothing else. No power cords anywhere, and yet power flowing to all the parts - all through a new version of USB. It's here. It's not working. But it needs to. Here's why...

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Top Blog Mag said...

i wanted to email you but the link to your profile page isnt working.

It was just a courtesy email to let you know that we have linked to your i love PPP post in what we hope will become an interesting debate over the good and bad of PPP.

Please feel free to come over and have your say and of course feel free to delete this comment as it is nothing to do with above post but was the only way I could think to let you know.

cheers :)