February 23, 2007

So, who wants to sign up for my daily email newsletter?

Loyal (and disloyal) Readers, lend me your ears... Or eyes, since your ears won't help you read... Unless you use a screenreader, and then, technically, I guess you'd be a listener, not a reader.... Hmmm. Let's start again.

Listen up all you people who read or listen to my blog... wait, that won't work either, because if you're reading this, listening won't help.....

Hey everyone! May I have your attention please? (That's much better - everyone [literally] is covered, and no matter your media, paying attention is key.)

How'd you like to get my wonderful content in your email box? Com'on. You know you want to! And now you can, thanks to Zookoda's blog email service. Well, I say now, but it will be a little while before I can start sending things out because I have to prove I'm not a spammer. But soon you'll be able to get weekly updates to my wonderful insights into the world around us for merely pennies a day... er, um, for free. :)

You see, Zookoda is free for both senders and receivers of the email. So if you have a blog (and you should, really, I mean it - you can write, people will read it, seriously! I mean, you are here reading my stuff, right?) and you want to be able to get the word out through email (opt in - not a spam thing) then you should check out Zookoda too. And as soon as I get approved, I give the sign up links for my e-newsletter.

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