November 19, 2006

Everybody loves a winner

It really doesn't matter what they won, (unless it's like the highest loosing streak award, or the most evil deeds done in a day award, or the Hitler lifetime achievement award), as long as you win. It could be a pie eating contest - a pick-up softball game - an Oscar - a software design award - or whatever. People like winners - and people like to win. That's why award shops exists. That's why thereare so many award shows. That's why everything has winners and losers. Reality TV is all about winners and losers. I'm not promoting the non-competition mindset - I think competition is a great thing, and ultimately helps self esteem, not damages it like some would have you to believe. But there is a limit. I mean, not everything deserves to be fought over. Not everything is a competion. Some things are just things. We really don't need an award ceremony for "best use of a sneeze in an action movie" or "most well brushed teeth in the fourth grade". Let's save the awards for people who deserve it - like soldiers, teachers, police officers, firefighters, doctors, ministers, parents... Let's give honor where honor is due. And that's my thought for the day

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