September 1, 2006

My New Media Player

You can order this MP4 player with more features than the iPod Nano with 4GB of storage for only $58 on the Computer Warehouse Inc..

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Anonymous said...

Does the player you bought actually have 4 gb of memory? I bought an mp3 player from these guys last week the was suppose to have 4 gb of memory and it only had 256 mb of memory.

Anonymous said...

That store looks really shady, but I'm really tempted. Can any one share a positive experience?



Chad said...

I'm going to post a more detailed explaination of what I got on this blog.

Anonymous said...

I just bought the 4gb mp4 player, a 4gb mp3 player and a 4gb memory card from these guys and they are scamming everyone. None of the units are what they advertise. The cops should shut them down. They hack 256mb and 512mb units to display 4gb. They will not hold more than 512mb even though it says it does. These guys are scam artists.