August 30, 2006

PayPerPost - Harbinger of the Apocalypse?

I have gotten some questions, on YouTube, on my comments here, and via email, about ads on blogs, specifically about PayPerPost. Some people have even questioned why I would admit to being affiliated with that company. Well, that got me to do some research to find out what the big deal is. Let me tell you what I heard.

I heard that PayPerPost is actually a front organization for the Masons. You know, the Illuminati and all that. It's all in the Da Vinci Code! Seriously. Look at the name! PayPerPost! P - P - P. Look at that upside down and reversed, it's 666! The PayPerPost is the arm of the Illuminati that is paving the way for the One World economic system that will be run by the Antichrist! Once the PayPerPost group has taken over the Internet - they will have an invisible but all-pervasive control over the blogosphere - meaning they can, at $5 a post - generate thousands of pro-Antichrist stories a day! And it does it all without paper money. It's all just dots and dashes. They pay with PayPal - which everybody takes PayPal. Pretty soon - you won't be able to buy or sell without PayPal. Just like the Bible says you can't buy or sell without the mark of the beast. Which is 666. PPP. PayPerPost. PayPal. ? PPP / PP - coincidence? I THINK NOT!

(this post was brought to you by PayPerPost. - Paying bloggers to write ads since June 6, 2006. OH NOES! ANOTHER 6/6/6!)

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Chad said...

Thank you. (Admittedly, I had to Google to find out who that was - but now that I know - thank you.) 8^)

PS - I use Stats Counter. They have a Google Map of your last 100 visitors - pretty cool stuff.