October 15, 2014

Gotham City is Anti-Vancouver.... Lazy Graphics Editing

So apparently Gotham is anti-Vancouver....

This map is from Fox's new "Gotham" TV series, shows the location of Arkham Asylum and the surrounding area, (a place they refer to as "Arkham City" - but it is an area within Gotham City itself).

 The map is actually a mirrored image of map of Vancouver, BC, Canada. Even the labels / street names are flipped.

That is just lazy graphic work, people....

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1 comment:

Dwight Williams said...

Given there are several established maps of Gotham from the comics, assorted movies, video games, and at least one role-playing game making its own attempt based on Rhode Island's map (a predecessor of this instance)...all of which could have provided some inspiration and design cues.

Then again, they may be taking their cues from Tim Burton's first Bat-movie. Apparently, that one also used Vancouver's map.