July 15, 2013

Nintendo's 8-bit System turns 30 today - Top 30 Games of the FamiCom/NES

So it turns out today is the 30th anniversary of Nintendo releasing it's first* home video game console.  On July 15, 1983 (I was 5) Nintendo released the Family Computer, or FamiCom in Japan.  This system would later be redesigned and rebranded as the Nintendo Entertainment System in the US (and other markets) - the NES as it came to be known, or simply the "Nintendo".

* They actually released several home video game systems before the FamiCom - but they did not have interchangable games, and so they weren't really what we think of as a video game console - they were more like a plug-n-play video game system with built-in games.  They had also released several hand held LED games before this time, the "Game and Watch" series.

The FamiCom came out at a time that many thought the "Video Game Fad" was over.  Atari - who was then the leader of the home console market didn't think anyone wanted an 8-bit system.  Who would need that kind of power for a video game machine?  But Nintendo saw the future - and knew the 8-bit system was just the beginning.

The FamiCom/NES console revitalized the video game industry, perhaps even saving it altogether.  And in honor of this anniversary, I would like to list my top 30 FamiCom/NES games of all time.

[I stress - this is just my opinion - based on my personal library, and my personal play experience through the last 30 or so years - full disclosure, I did not get an NES to at least 1985, so not even 30 years.]
Without any further ado... I bring you my Top 30 FamiCom/NES Games of the last 30 years:
  1. Duck Hunt
  2. Mario Bros.
  3. Contra
  4. Dr. Mario
  5. Mega Man
  6. Lemmings
  7. Dig Dug
  8. Rampage
  9. RC Pro Am
  10. Mega Man 4
  11. Marble Madness
  12. Skate or Die
  13. Dragon Warrior III
  14. Blaster Master
  15. Spy Hunter
  16. Metroid
  17. Snake Rattle 'n' Roll
  18. Maniac Mansion
  19. Dragon Warrior IV
  20. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Arcade Game
  21. Super Mario Bros. 2
  22. Final Fantasy
  23. Tetris
  24. Burgertime
  25. Mega Man 6
  26. Dragon Warrior
  27. Mega Man 2
  28. Super Mario Bros.
  29. Mega Man 3
  30. Super Mario Bros. 3
So, those are my favorites - what are you top NES/FamiCom games of the last 30 years?  Let me know in the comments below.  Also, if you want to tell me how dumb it was that Game X is missing from my list (like Zelda, or Kirby, or Castlevania), then feel free.

Just don't think about dissing Burgertime, or I will end you.  8^)

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