June 15, 2013

Gamers Get It - Next Gen Consoles

Ahhhh, E3, that wonderful time of year when gamers' hopes are crushed by cruel corporate reality.

Gamers Get It - By: Chad W. Smith

Announcing our 4th System
Video Brick -π
It is a much more powerful
than that last gen piece of junk
we will still be selling you for
the next year or so, our 3rd system,
Video Brick 512.
But less powerful than a
 current high-ish end gaming PC.

It doesn’t play any of the
games you already have.

You have to connect it to the
internet so it can upload
the video surveillance footage
it will be recording of you 24/7.

Once you insert your game
disc into the system
it will physically destory it,
so no rental, no trading,
no used games, & no sharing.
But you can share it over the
cloud with people whose
blood type you share.
One player at a time, of course.
Provided you have video evidence
that you know and care for them.

But you can use it to watch TV.
Not record TV, mind you, just watch it live...
(Cable & internet service not included)

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1 comment:

james said...

I've been following the stories behind the new consoles and recently a news article on tv (E3) all very optimistic regarding this new "era" on my country. They talked about the graphics, pushed the kinetic camera devices, etc etc,except the truth about the control madness.

Only fools will fall for this.