August 16, 2012

A Personalized work of hand painted art for $5? WHAT!

I am a fan of the art of comic books. The idea of telling a story through the printed page using more than just words is fascinating to me. That's why this project from Kickstarter absolutely blew me away.

It isn't exactly a "comic book" as much as it is a work of art.  It's only 6 pages long, but each copy is hand crafted (yes "Crafted" - the pages are sown together BY HAND) and hand painted. That makes each copy its own unique one-of-a-kind work of art. Plus, each copy has the backer's (the person who buys it) name on it.

Having something like this commissioned would cost HUNDREDS of dollars, or more.  But you can get your copy for only $5

You read that right, I didn't leave off any zeros.  FIVE DOLLARS.

That includes shipping.

The story is about a German scientist who... you know what, just watch the video AND THEN ORDER YOUR COPY NOW!!!  This is truly a limited time offer, only 6 days left as I am posting this.  GO NOW.

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