April 22, 2011

"Max On Life: Answers and Inspiration for Today's Questions" By: Max Lucado

Let me start by saying that I love Max Lucado.  I can't even tell you how many of his books I have read and own.  He has a way of taking the truth of God's Word, the art of storytelling, and real world experiences, and blending them in ways that inspire, motivate, and build up the reader, while honoring and glorifying our Savior in the process.  His latest book, "Max on Life," however, does not inspire nor motivate.
The book is a series of questions and answers.  Dozens of them; 172 to be exact.  And since the book - indexes, addendums, advertisements, and all, is barely over 250 pages, you don't have to be great at math to realize most questions are answered in less than a page.  This doesn't give Max the space needed to draw the reader in and share a meaningful story, which is his gift.
On top of that, many times the author doesn't even directly answer the stated question.  He merely uses a question as a jumping off point to share some other, almost unrelated, thought.
I was pretty disappointed in this book.  I don't even recommend adding it to your shelf just in case you need to look up one of the answers, because even if you find a question that is close to what you are wondering, chances are good that the answer will be too short to help, and possibly not even related to what you are looking for.
I do want to thank Thomas Nelson, the publisher of this book for sending me an advance review copy of "Max on Life: Answers and Inspiration for Today's Questions" By: Max Lucado. I am sorry that I didn't have more good to say about it.

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