February 13, 2010

New stuff

It's been a while since I've told you what's going on with me - technologically wise.  Well, since I've updated you last, I've gotten several gadgets.  I'm always looking for great deals on gadgets.

First and foremost - I have gotten an iPhone.  Yeah, I know that I said - twice now - that I won't be buying an iPhone... But if you read those posts, the main reason I said that, on both counts, was the contract.  Since I bought my iPhone used, (it's a first gen 8 GB 2G), there was no contract to sign.  And since it's jailbroken and unlocked, I don't have to but the $20 data plan.  It's got its issues since it is used, but I've got a friend who said he can fix that.

I also got a Dingoo - the Linux powered game system.  It's awesome.  Media player, FM Radio, built-in TV-out, stereo speakers, retro system emulators.  It's about the size of a Game Boy Micro, or the bottom half of a Nintendo DS Lite / DSi.  If this sounds at all appealing to you , you owe it to yourself to get one.

And my final aquistion is that of a Didj - a Didj is a kids-focus edutainment handheld game ssytem, that is also Linux powered.  I got it for $20.00 ($4.95 shipping) from woot.  I bought that in the hopes that the homebrew scene will grow around it.  There have been some advancements in that department lately.  What have you gotten recently?

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James said...

My newest gadget would be my iPod Touch. Looking forward to getting the new iPhone when it comes out.