February 5, 2009

Netbook Upgrade Update

I got my RAM today, and it's installed. Now my MSI Wind is up to 2GB. It's much faster now. I strongly suggest the upgrade to anyone with a netbook - or, anyone with a computer with less than 2GB of RAM. RAM is super cheap now - my upgrade only cost me $10.99 shipped.

Some people are concerned about adding RAM to the MSI Wind specifically, because to get to the RAM you have to remove the entire bottom part of the plastic case - and there is a "Warranty Void If Removed" sticker covering one of the screws holding the case in place. MSI has gone on record saying that adding RAM does not void the warranty, so fear not.

The process is fairly straightforward, there are plenty of online guides if you need help - but if you've ever added RAM to a computer before, it's a no-brainer. Quick run through:

  • Turn off the Wind (obviously)
  • Remove the battery
  • Remove all the screws from the bottom case
  • Remove the bottom case
  • Insert the RAM into the empty slot (make sure it's firmly seated - I had to take the case apart twice because it wasn't all the way in the first time - this could screw up your RAM and/or your machine - but thank God nothing messed up on mine)
  • Put the case back on
  • Put the screws back in
  • Put the battery back
  • Turn it back on
  • Done
Here's a pic of the installed RAM (this was taken the first time, so the RAM isn't all the way seated):

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PoisonedV said...

Happy birthday.

James said...

Thank you for writing this Chad. You truly are a gift to the technical community.