September 4, 2008

$98 Netbook with WiFi, SDHC, Firefox, and more

The HiVision NB0700 is a computer with a 7 inch, 800 x 480 pixel display, WiFi support, and a price tag as low as $98. 400MHz MIPS CPU, 1GB of solid state memory and 64MB or 128MB of RAM. It’s designed to run a custom version of Linux or Windows CE and has an SDHC card reader and 3 USB ports. It should be available next month. It runs some basic office and internet applications including AbiWord, chat, and Firefox.

If this comes to the US - I'm buying 5. These would make awesome Christmas presents! Imagine them at the checkout counter of Walmart - Impulse Buy Laptops! At $97.86 (Walmart always prices thing with weird cents) I could see people loading their carts. Nevermind that the CPU is slow. If it runs Firefox, who cares?

I already have an Asus Eee PC (701 4GB Surf to be specific - with 2GB of RAM and Windows XP) - but for $98? How can you pass that up?

Originally posted as a comment by Chad78 on Liliputing

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Anonymous said...

they sound like the right size to work on a plane. small enough even.