March 27, 2008

Write what you want

The Internet is a very cool thing for numerous reasons, but one of the main ones that has taken over in the last few years is the idea of putting content creation into the hands of ... well, everybody! Blogger, YouTube, Wikipedia, craigslist, myspace, digg... All of them have one thing in common, if the users don't create content - there is no site. We, the people of the World Wide Web, we are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams. The Snosberries taste like snosberries.

One of the problems is, though, all the content created by the Internet (as in, the Us of the Internet) mostly stays on the Internet. You can't go to Barns and Noble and pick up a copy of Wikipedia. You can buy the YouTube DVD. You can have Blogger delivered to your front door (unless your front door is WiFi enabled!). Online content is online, and only online.

But what if your artistic abilities need to be shared with those unforunate souls who are neither wired nor wireless. The great unplugged masses that have yet to discover the Wild Wild Web. Well, do not fear. There is help. And it's online.

There are places on the web that let you Self Publish the Great American Novel - or the pretty good Mexican cook book - or the not-that-bad French screenplay - or the so-so Canadian self help guide. Whatever your fingers can type. And some places, like Author House, do more than let you publish whatever falls out of your head - they also have experts who can offer advice, critiques, and encouragement in your labor of love that is writing. Check it out!

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