March 13, 2008

I just got a whole lot stronger!

Well, at least part of me did. I was recently selected to receive a test sample of Naked Naturals natural shampoo and conditioner. They promise that this shampoo is "clinically proven to make your hair up to 7x stronger". Well, I have no way of clinically measuring the exact strength of my hair, but I have noticed it feels a lot better.

I recently turned 30, and my hairline has already started slowly retreating from the threat of my eyes. Now, this shampoo doesn't make any claims about curing baldness or regrowing hair - but if it can help strengthen the hair I have, it might help it stick around awhile. Again - that's just my thinking - not any kind of claim from the company.

naked naturals is also about being natural - as the name would imply. Speaking of the name - the website is - but I promise you, it's safe for work. Nothing risqué, (although they do offer you the chance to "Shop Naked"). The Naked refers to them leaving out any harsh extra chemicals that some other shampoos and conditioners put in. Stuff like DEA or TEA or Lauryl / Laureth Sulfates. Things like that can be bad for your hair - and bad for the environment. So Naked Naturals leaves them out.

I'm no fashion expert - nor am I a doctor - but this stuff seems to work for me. Worth checking out, especially if you have damaged, color treated, or easily-broken hair.

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