December 19, 2007

it's GO time!

I'm a geek. Want proof? I have a blog. There you go. Proof positive. As a geek, there are certain things I can't leave home without. My Visa is one of those things - but that has nothing to doing with being a geek. No, when I leave the house for extended periods of time - say, more than 24 hours - there are few things besides the normal change of clothes and hygenie products that I take with me. These things include my MacBook, my DS Lite, my Cell Phones (plural), and my AntiPod Nano. Sometime in the next 6 weeks, I hope to add my CloudBook, Eee PC, and/or Nokia N800/N810 to that list.

What is your must-have travel gear? GPS, Amazon Kindle, PSP, XO-1, iPhone? Hit me up and let me know.

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Rebecca Mecomber said...

Well, since I am a travel blogger, I MUST BRING my digital camera. I even bring it to the grocery store.

Otherwise, my must-brings depend on whether its a day trip or an overnight stay. For sake of clarity, I'll list my must-brings for an overnight:

cell phone
tiny Microsoft optical mouse
washcloths and spare change (I have kids).