December 9, 2007

MacBook Field Test

I took my new MacBook on the road, and it's working great! I kind of failed to mention a few things in the video.

  1. It found the WiFi with no problem. I was online as soon as I turned on the AirPort (which I turn off at home when I'm not using it).
  2. This thing did editing and rendering of video and audio SUPER fast. I couldn't say that in the video because I didn't know that until *after* I shot the video. Go figure.
  3. The battery power is holding up great. It's running out a little faster now that I'm on WiFi but, even after 40 minutes, I'm still at 84%. (Yes, I'm still at St. Louis Bread Co. now).
  4. I love my new MacBook! :)

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1 comment:

MG Siegler said...

Good stuff Chad. Love Panera/St. Louis Bread almost as much as I love the MacBook.