November 2, 2007

Yes, before you ask, I am overweight

Man, the lengths people will go through to lose weight. From liposuction to having large portions of their stomachs removed. Anything except eating less and moving more. Well, now there's another kind of "get-fit-quick" scheme, this one seems less destructive to me than the others. It's called lap band surgery, and you can read about at this website: lap band los angeles. (Of course, it's in LA, where else?) Basically, instead of cutting out part of your stomach to make you eat less, they wrap a band around it and make it into to pouches (like putting a rubberband around a balloon). This makes you feel full faster, and causes your food to digest slower - so you lose weight, because you are eating smaller portions and less often. But, again, all this is doing is bypassing your willpower. It's making it where you can still "feel full" when you eat. You'd get the same results if you just ate less, without the full feeling.

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