November 9, 2007

That's a lot of Baloney!

I was thinking more about this whole idea, and the complexity of it hit me really hard. The concept is that users can enter their grocery list, all at once, in natural language, and the website would figure out the best deals for them from that list.

But think about this. A grocery list written by a human looks something like this:

  • chips
  • milk
  • eggs
  • cheese
  • baloney

Now - let's examine what a hypothetical computer generated list would look like:

  • Lay's Potato Chips 13.5 oz. Family Size Bag - $2.49
  • Mayfield Milk 2% 1 Gallon - $3.14
  • 18 Grade A Jumbo Eggs Marshall Farms - $1.26
  • Kraft American Singles 24 slices - $2.50
  • Oscar Mayer Bologna 1 pound - $1.00

But, what if the person was thinking something more like this:

  • Store Brand 24 multipack individual sized bags of variety chips - $3.50
  • Store Brand Soy Milk half-gallon - $2.30
  • 6 Store Brand Brown Eggs - $0.75
  • Store Brand Grated Parmesan - $1.49
  • Store Deli Unsliced Bologna - 3 pounds - $4.50
See, there's a vast disconnect there. But, not to worry, the good folks at Grocio already are aware of the complexity of it, and have taken that into concideration. It's going to be great to see this thing in action once it is ready. Venture Capitalists of the world - PLEASE make this happen!

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