November 10, 2007

Search Locally

Most people who are about to make a major dollar purchase turn to the web to research. What brand, what model, user reviews, professional reviews, complaints, etc. - But, when it comes to home improvement items, appliances, etc. - they research online, but buy local. (It kind of makes sense, shipping on a frig would be insane!) But online tools are not yet to the point to let you search locally, for the most part.

Let's say you were looking for Kenmore Dishwashers so you search online, get the data you need, and then hit the sales papers, right? Maybe visit a few local stores comparing prices. That's what you would do, if you didn't know about Krillion. Krillion lets you search for national brands on a local scale. You should check them out the next time your dryer goes kaput!

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