November 8, 2007

Kiss those broken tooth pains goodbye

I am not a big fan of the dentist. I've had some very bad experiences with them as a child. Not, "show me on this doll..." bad, but getting *YELLED AT* by a medical doctor bad. It's not like I bit him or anything - I just lost my retainer - 3 times. Despite that, I have had some dental work done, and that includes a couple of fillings. Well, one day, one of my fillings came out. That freaking HURT. And now, until I get over my fears, I've got this hole in my tooth. And, if something gets in there - especially something cold or sweet - it won't take much for you to see this grown man cry.

Oh, how I wish I had something like Dentemp OS. This is the 60 minute temporary solution that releaves the pain and embarassment of having a lost filling or loose cap. If you have problems with dental work, and can't get to the dentist right away, (whether for fear, financial constraints, or just not having the time during those 12 hours a week most dentists are open), then this might just be the perfect temporary dental repair solution for you!

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