November 26, 2007

I Can Haz Mac Twitter menu bar App?

OK, loyal readers, (and casual surfers as well), I have an assignment for you. First one to help me gets a brand new shiny "Attaboy" from yours truly. An Attaboy is just like a Game Boy except it doesn't play games or have anything resembling a physical existence.

What I'm looking for is someone to point me to, or create, a Twitter app that will hook into my Mac OS X menu bar (10.4.11). Something like DiggUpdate or the Google Notifier. It would have some sort of t themed icon to place in the menu bar that might flash or something, maybe even tie into Growl, whenever I get a Tweet. It should also let me send Tweets.

If something like this exists, please point me to it. If it does not, please make one, open source preferred, and then send me the link.


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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I'm looking for one also. Any luck with this yet?

I'll check back for a response.