November 1, 2007

Grocio - the future of Grocery Shopping

Have you ever wondered how much you could be saving by shopping at one groceries store over another? I mean, sure you can compare prices in the weekly ads - but not everything you buy is in the papers, is it? Sure, you might be saving $1.76 on that 24 pack of Coke, but you might end up spending $7 more on your total bill than if you had gone to the next store over.

But how can you know unless you go through every store in your neighborhood - add up all the prices of your entire list, and compare them? Now, I don't know about you, but I'm not sure it's worth 5 or 10 hours of my time every week to save $20. Not to mention all the gas I'd be using the in process. So, I guess we're stuck.

Well, not if a new Web 2.0 startup has its way! - still in the preparation stages - has a brillant idea. Let the Internet do the comparison shopping for you! You enter your shopping list, your address, and a few more options (would you be willing to shop at more than one store to save money?) and Grocio tells you the best way to spend. You might pay an extra buck on soda, but save $15 on your total bill. And if it's as simple as checking a few boxes on a web page - that's worth it.

But the dream of true comparison shopping for groceries goes further than that. What if you are stuck in traffic and your wife reminds you that your almost out of paper towels, and it'd be a good idea to pick up some pasta for this weekend. Well, now she can whip out her cell phone and pull up and find out at which store you should stop on the way home for the best deals!

It can, and if enough Venture Capitalists catch the vision, it will change the way grociery shopping works. Stores will truly have to compete on pure pricing - not just on sensational savings on a few "loss leaders" to get you in the door.

I really look forward to the peace of mind of knowing I got the best possible deal for my family's grocery budget.

They have a deal video on the website to show how easy and well this works. Check it out!

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