November 19, 2007

Freeze It, even at O'Dark Thirty

As a reader of this blog, I am sure by now you've heard of the wonders of Freeze It. In case you haven't, Freeze It Gel is advanced natural therapy for pain relief. And this stuff works! I tried some of it a while back, and it works wonders.

I even had the opportunity since I had a little sample pack in my pocket to share some with a senior saint at my church who was suffering from back pain. She told me later on that it worked better than anything she had tried before.

The man in the picture to the right is my step dad. He is a sportsman. That means he's a hunter. He bow hunts deer mostly. But he is not as young as he used to be. Now the injuries of his younger days, when he once fell out of a tree stand, are really starting to bother him. It's especially bad because he has to get up at, as he puts it, "O'Dark 30" to go to work, and where he lives in Kentucky, it can be pretty cold at O'Dark 30. That aggravates the sore muscles. Now, if he had a years supply of Freeze It, it would make his days on the job of construction a whole lot easier! Which is very good because my mother is a volunteer at my sister's school. So if my stepdad can't work, they are in trouble.

Freeze It is great bacuse it would help,not just with old sports injuries, but all kinds of pain: sore muscles, back, shoulder, and neck Pain, and Arthritis, (which my mom has very bad in her hands).

You should grab yourself some relief by picking up a tube of Freeze It Gel. You can freese your pain, dead in its tracks.

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