October 12, 2007

Take it or leave it

Okay - so I just got through complaining about losing my hair, and, I don't want to lose anymore - believe me. But I realize that there are some people out there who want to get rid of some of theirs. Which makes sense. If I didn't shave between my eyebrows, I'd probably have a unibrow. And the thought of ear hair scares me a lot. So now I will share a link to a forum that discusses Laser Hair Removal and other hair removal processes, (waxing *OUCH!*). If you are looking into getting rid of that unwanted hair growth permanently, or at least a lot longer than shaving does for you, check out the site and get some information before you proceed. I always believe in getting as much information as you realistically can before making a decision, especially when that decision involves a good bit of money. Maybe it's a unibrow. Maybe it is ear hair. Maybe its not on your face at all. I've been told that the only reason I don't have massive back hair is my t-shirts rubs it off. That doesn't make sense to me - but I'm glad I'm not all woolly. But maybe you are, and you're tired of it. See what your options are.

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