October 29, 2007

Symbol of Love

Where did you get your wedding bands? I'm not going to say, because it's none of your business, and I really don't want you to answer me - it's a rhetorical question. We had our especially made. We actually had to go to two shops to get them done. Not one for me and one for her - each shop worked on both rings. It was kind of frustrating and stressful getting them done, but I'm glad the way they turned out. If you are blessed, you only have to buy wedding rings once in your life, so make sure you do it right the first time. Read up on it, search for the best ring you can get. It's only a symbol - it's not the most important part of your wedding, of course, your future spouse is! But, it is a symbol of your love for each other, so make it count.

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