October 16, 2007

Lilly, destroyer of WORLDS!

I have what is common refered to as a dog, it's also called a cur, a canine, a Canis lupus familiaris. She is actually a sub-species of the wolf, (as all dogs are). Mine is a Blue Tick Hound, she's got papers and everything. Her name is Lilly. And she is a destroyer of worlds!

Well, okay, only if "worlds" consist of anything under 3 feet off the ground made of paper, wood, foam, wax, or graphite. Oh yeah, and couch cushions. Plus, she's not housebroken yet.

This is why we need dog gates for our house. That would make life easier. We use baby gates, but she's getting too big for those.

A Bluetick Hound is a hunting dog. If you've seen the movie or read the book "Where the Red Fern Grows," then you've seen, or at least read about, a Bluetick. The main dogs weren't blueticks - but other hunting dogs in the story were - the Pritchard boys' dog was a bluetick. Also, the University of Tennessee's Smokey mascot is a bluetick.

Lilly's parents were prize winners - both in dog shows and in hunting competitions. The problem is, we live in a duplex with a small yard. She's got nowhere to run. So, stuff gets torn up. Which is why we need to keep ahead of her in the arms race of how to keep her where we want her.

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