October 5, 2007

Dude! Where's the love?

I was just bragging on a site that James sent me, and I checked out his blog. It turns out his last post, some 3 weeks ago, is DOGGING me, by name - first & last! - for "the whole gimpshop.net thing." He didn't even tell me that he did that! After I freakin' *GAVE* him the blog. It's a PR4. Thousands of hits everyday! Poor form, James, poor form.

Worst part is - no backlinks to my blog!

Still, you're my dog, G. One.

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James said...

Just trying to keep the people empower via information. By the way people, don't watch the news for tech info, check out Chad's Blog it's much more accurate.

Chad said...

Well, I can't fault you for telling the truth, even i it hurts.

Thanks for the compliment in the comment. I try to stay current - actually, I try to predict the tech future - that's the only way to stay current. Along those lines - Mac OS X 10.7 is AWESOME! And the iPhone Gen 5 is better than a laptop.